aul Riley 

(b. 18 Aug 1963 d. 04 Aug 2020)

It is with deep sadness that we announce that Paul Riley passed away on 4th August 2020 after a hard fought battle with bile duct cancer.  This website is currently being reconstructed as a memorial for Paul’s life as a greatly talented and admired British artist.  There is a contact tab for any enquiries about his paintings.

“Paul Riley painted still lives.  He did so throughout his career.  That is not to say he set a vase of flowers on a table and so perfectly captured the dappled sunlight on silken petals, so that you could almost smell their fragrance.  Paul painted still lives which resonated slightly further than the edge of his canvas.  Like the greatest practitioners of the genre  – from Zurburan to Morandi……….. ( Read More)


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